Sunday, October 6, 2019

                                             + 27th Sunday C +

We are unprofitable servants; we have done what we were obliged to do.

When I internalize that I am called to labor by the One who loves me absolutely and compassionately, the capacity to freely serve grows.

One dodge we use to avoid getting to work is to put off doing anything until we have more information:“Lord, increase our faith!”

It’s fine to pray for more faith. It is fine to make prudent judgments, if you are using the faith you have.

Mother Theresa said that all she did would not have happened without the faith to get mixed up with one abandoned man dying on the street.

God yearns and hopes to labor in this world through, with, in us. God can only strengthen our labors.

Do not say, “I am too weak,” when you are afraid to begin, afraid to be imperfect. Ask for help; act on the help you receive.  Act as if you had the courage to do what is needed. As Pope Francis has said:

God is always surprising us, breaking up our plans, putting our projects in crisis, and saying to us: “Trust me, don’t be afraid, let yourself be surprised, come out of yourself and follow me”…May we not close ourselves to the new things God wants to bring into our lives.

There is no freer person; there is no more joyful person; there is no steadier person than one who serves the Lord. In the great movie of life, you and I are not Scarlett O’Hara or Rhett Butler, we are Mammy.

You and I are domestic servants in the household of God. We are managing the Master’s house until he returns, doing the daily tasks.

We may be relatively useless, but we are part of the family and God is quite capable of making the most of our ineptitude and sluggish obedience.

All we have to do is our jobs. We have to act on the faith we have to break some links in the chain of determinism and to plant and nurture the seeds of God’s life in others.  What those seeds bear is way above our pay grade.

Worry less about your career, rights and prerogatives, about if and how much you are appreciated or accepted and you will be less useless for the Kingdom of God.

Play your part. Jean Jugan, the Foundress of the Little Sisters of the Poor, instructs us on being “only servants”:

Jesus is waiting for you in the chapel.  Go and find him when your strength and patience is giving out, when you feel lonely and helpless.  Say to him: You know well what is happening, my dear Jesus.  I have only you. Come to my aid. . .and then go your way. And don’t worry about how you are going to manage.  It is enough to have told our good Lord. He has an excellent memory.

May you and I become better servants of the Master who now invites us to his supper as guests and teaches us to serve one another by serving us.

We are unprofitable servants and honored guests.  If only others would discover in us some of his goodness.


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