Sunday, July 28, 2019

St. Ignatius Loyola

In this 163rd year of our parish community, we are in a time of crisis and opportunity. The calculated and demonic racism of the demagogue are proof enough.

Soul-searching, overdue reform, and bold decisions are required of us, beginning with our own hearts and extending out to our Church, our city, and—God help us—to our nation.

Our Fr. General summed it up in a recent letter. Wha the says and the way he says it is very Jesuit and applies to us right here:

Our desire has been to find the best way to collaborate in the Lord’s mission, the best way to serve the Church at this time, the best contribution we can make with what we are and have, seeking to do what is for the greater divine service and the more universal good.

We are called to depth; to understand the context in which we are living globally, nationally, locally; and to discern together not only what we are called to do, but who we are called to be.

We are striving to be Companions of Jesus who continue the mission of Jesus—to walk with others in all their sorrows and joys in the hope that others will choose to walk with us.

The Jesuit way of proceeding is rooted in the transformative experience of the Spiritual Exercises and is marked by disciplined creativity, calm passion, experience-based reflection, determined compassion, intellectual rigor, humor, and common sense.

Here, in Baltimore, Maryland on the day of Our Patronal Feast, this This is what we will do with what we are, with what we have:

We believe we are called to discover, respect, protect and enhance whatever is humane and graced in every person, in every culture.

We encourage people to reflect on their experiences and to discern God’s presence in their lives.  Our desire is to nurture lay leadership as well as personal faith, a “faith that does justice,” by way of solidarity with the poor and dedication to the greater good.

We believe that diversity shared with love and respect enriches all of us and makes us more compassionate and creative.

We believe working hard to cooperate with and share God’s generosity and compassion is one of the privileges of being human—and that what we owe to God, to creation, to one another is gratitude, humility, reverence, and service.

We believe community is formed and the desire to share it grows when our unarticulated desires, hopes, and dreams for the future are named, celebrated, and expressed through a practical vision.

We believe in a Churcheager to encounter God at work beyond its boundaries, that teaches through humble service and courageous witness.

We commit ourselves to model within the parish and advocate beyond it for a Church of disciples purified from clericalism, ambition, and greed; disciples who embrace and empower the gifts of women in leadership, governance, and sacramental ministry; disciples who welcome, walk with, and celebrate the gifts of the LGBTQ community.

We continue to be called into the Lord’s presence in this place to be—as you see on the banners outside—made one in Christ through Word and Sacrament and sent out to be a people for others.

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